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Lip and Hand [Wild rose]

1. Include plants origin ingredient
2. Porous powder's drain to oil ability so Deep moisturizing
3. Make moist membrane so control of skin aging


Point1: Include plants origin ingredient care of your damage skin.
 - Give you deep moisturizing and drain to oil so get the silky hand
 - Make moist membrane so defend other virus keep moisture from evaporating


 - You can get the contraction of pores effect
 - Control of a production sebum
 - Restrain harmful various virus

 - Helpful control of a skin aging
 - Effectively control pigmentation
 - Contraction of pores effect and reinforce a elasticity

 - Make more elasticity
 - Make bright skin

 - Helpfuly control of skin trouble
 - Control of free radical
  - Get the contraction of pores effect

Rosa Rugosa
 - Rest up and promote the circulation of the blood
 - Leave a good fragrance and helps cure of little disease
Lip Balm and Hand Cream 2in1 (Lip&Hand Series)
> With vegetable originated ingredients, keep hands and lip smooth and moisturized.
> Moisture ingredients with bigger formula make external layers to prevent loss of moisture and skin aging.
> Porous powder : Ingredients itself have numerous tiny holes to absorb oil easily so it provide silky feeling
> Active ingredients give deep moisture feeling, porous powder make hands smooth and soft by absorbing more oil easily.
> External layers for moisture keep nourishing skin and protect hands and lip from external environment..

life saver

Veronica Smith *****


This product is currently saving my lips and my hands this winter. I normally have very dry and flaky skin on my hands during the winter, but ever since I have been using this lotion, they have been surprisignly soft and moisturized. I absolutely love the balm on the cap because it hydrates my lips while giving a little red tint to my lips as well. The tint looks very natural, and it is very comfortable on the lips. Overall, this product gets 5 stars because it is a great product all around

Wow the best!!

Michele *****


This stuff is amazing. I use a Tov lip and hand at night the sir movement dries my lips and hands out terribly. This stays on my lips and hands all night and is still on when I get up. It is able to last in my lips with eight hours of air movement. I am very impressed!!!

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