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Invisible Cellist Playing the Cello - Handcrafted Non Ticking Silent Wall Clock Music Decor

Product #:moro_cello


Invisible Cellist Playing the Cello - Handcrafted Non Ticking Silent Wall Clock Music Decor

Product #:moro_cello

Product Description
Light Brown

Buyer Beware:
You have to rub the wall using a sandpaper that is packed with your product to remove coating film of the silk wallpaper.
If you want to stick your product more firmly, you should use silicon.

Inches Size: 12.9 In * 24 In * 1.1 In / Centimeter Size: 33 cm * 61cm * 2.8cm

Package Including:
1*moro Clock

Power Supply:
Box, Wall clock
 and fittings.


Name of product : Cello wall clock

Place of origin : SOUTH KOREA

Material : MDF (wood-pattern)

Color : Light Brown

Size : 33x61cm / 12.9x24 in

Components : Box, Wall clock, fittings, Battery

Assembly Instructions

1. Remove the double-sided tape in the back of stereoscopic stickers.

2. Put it on the wall.




1. If using Wood Sticker Included with Product:

Do not use on cracking, bending, or special material wallpaper. If you have silk wallpaper, you should remove a part of the coating with sandpaper or a sponge.

2. You can choose to use self-fusing silicon tape depending on the shape or state of the wallpaper, but we are not responsible for any damages done to the wallpaper.



Check 1. Before Using:

Check that the hour and minute hands of the clock are not bent.

If the clock hands are bent, the clock may malfunction.

Our newly designed products’ hands are set to 12 o’clock in order to prevent them from moving as they get delivered.

Check 2. How to Use Wall Clock

1. Don't overturn or put the clock face down on the floor when inserting the battery


Overturning or placing the clock face down on the floor can cause damage to the clock’s hands

2. Please wait 10 minutes after inserting battery in the wall clock.


Our products function very silently. The hands of the clock will not move immediately if there is no “seconds” hand.

Therefore, you should  check back after 10 minutes.

Handcrafted stylish designing and different clock schemes meet all your home decoration need.
Quiet Wall Clock and absolutely quiet environment.
Material : MDF (wood-pattern)
Color :Light Brown
Size : 33x61cm / 12.9x24 in
Components : Box, Wall clock, fittings


Joanna Kim *****


I am a musician and I wanted to design my room fittingly. I prefer designs are modern and chic, and this clock fits that category perfectly. It is very good quality. it is a bit up there in price but honestly it's kind of worth it. It looks beautiful and it still looks great. 

glossy clock!

emma44242 *****


This clock looks great on the wall. There are "plastic stickers" that go on top of the foam to create a finished, glossy look. Overall, I think the clock looks great. However, the descriptions and reviews I've seen for all of the clocks of this type say you can remove them from the wall. I highly doubt that. While I haven't tried, the adhesive backing on the numbers is extremely strong. So you better have them positioned exactly how you want them before you press them to the wall. You're only going to get one shot! Maybe you could use a heat gun or hair dryer to soften the adhesive for removal, but if you just rip the numbers off, you'll be leaving foam stuck to the wall.

good size, nice texture and good quality

daniella *****


I was a little worried when ordering this clock how big it would be and the quality of it. Once I got it in I was very pleased and glad I did decide to order it! The size was perfect, not too big and not too small! It does require a AA battery, which is not included. Once you pop the battery in and set the time it keeps time perfectly and it is very quiet! You do not hear the ticking noise like you do with a lot of clocks these days.The quality of workmanship is excellent! This is a clock that would go with just about any décor. This would also make a great gift! It is also not very heavy which I was worried about and there is a hook in the back already so it can go from package to wall in a matter of seconds! Very pleased and love this clock!

Good looking piece.

Elizabeth *****


In all this is a very nice piece, and I am quite satisfied with it.
The value you get versus what you pay is right where you'd expect with a piece in this price range. I have never seen simple and nice design with this price.

What a great product!

Roy Jackman *****


I originally bought this product with the intention of having a clock with an authentic, well crafted design. Needless to say, this product did not disappoint. The wood was so nicely shaded and the craftsmanship with the design of the cello was so exquisite. Would 100% recommend buying this product!

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